Princess Diane of Orléans, Duchess of Württemberg

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Happy birthday to Princess Diane of Orléans, Duchess of Württemberg, who turns 80 today! The  fourth daughter and sixth child of the Count of Paris and Princess Isabelle of Orléans-Braganza, Princess Diane was born at the Grão-Pará Palace in Petrópolis in Brazil, where her maternal grandfather had passed away a few weeks previously. Growing up in Europe, the law banning members of the House of Orléans was rescinded in 1950 and the family were allowed to return to France, where they took up management of the great family wealth in Belgium, North Africa, Brazil, Portugal and France, which the Count soon dissipated in a number of years. In 1960, Princess Diane married Carl, Duke of Württemberg, who became Head of the House of Württemberg in 1975. The Duke and Duchess have six children, including Duke Friedrich and Duke Philipp. The Duchess is a successful artist and sculptor, and the couple reside at Schloss Altshausen and Schloss Friedrichshafen, the main seats of the House of Württemberg. We wish HRH a very Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!

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