The Royal Watcher in 2020

Happy New Year everyone! 2019 was a wonderful year, with over 1,500,000 visitors on The Royal Watcher, and I’ve had a wonderful time interacting with so many of you! After a very busy royal year in 2019, which we have just revisited in our ‘Year-in-Review’ series, there are quite a few exciting announcements coming up in the next few days, and here are some Royal events to look forward to in 2020, more HERE!

  • The Danish and Japanese New Year’s Courts later today, and various New Years Receptions throughout the month of January
  • The 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz later this month, with a plethora of royal attendees, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics also promise to be a major royal gathering
  • The highlight of this year will no doubt be the 80th Birthday of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in April, which promises be a grand royal event, and we’ll also feature a series on her glittering jewels. (I’ll be in Copenhagen in Spring, which makes me even more excited for the celebrations)
  • Other birthdays include the 60th Birthday of King Philippe of Belgium, the 80th Birthday of King Constantine II of Greece, the 50th Birthday of Queen Rania of Jordan, Grand Duke Henri’s 65th Birthday, the 70th Birthday of the Princess Royal, the 75th Birthday of Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein, the 80th Birthday of the Princess of Liechtenstein, the 75th Birthday of Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia, and the 60th Birthday of the Duke of York
  • The Weddings of Princess Theodora of Greece, Princess Beatrice of York, Archduchess Eleonore of Austria, and Flora Ogilvy, and possibly some more Royal engagements
  • The Birth of a future Sovereign in Luxembourg, and another Royal Baby in Bhutan, along with a couple more pregnancy announcements
  • The Confirmation of Prince Christian of Denmark
  • And the usual glittering State Visits, Banquets, Receptions and Galas
  • In addition, we are also launching an exciting new feature, called ‘Today in Royal History’, which you can learn more about HERE, and have plans to start ‘The Royal Watcher Podcast’ in a few weeks, as well as plans to do a bit of rebranding!

We wish you all a lovely year ahead!

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4 thoughts on “The Royal Watcher in 2020

  1. I look forward to Royal Watcher everyday and enjoy it very much! I love the Royal family with the exception of Charles and Camilla who I still hold responsible for all of Princess Diana’s pain and suffering and the thought of them on the throne is a slight to Diana’s memory and a shame to the Church of England where a King or Queen should be above reproach which those two have brought shame to the Monarchy with how they conducted themselves in a Adulterous Affair in order to be together. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be together but given their past, Abdicate, relinquish the throne to William and Catherine so respect can be brought back to the Monarchy once again and let them go off and be together somewhere off the grid. The Queen has never put a foot wrong with the exception of her son Charles in allowing him to bring into the Royal family his long time Mistress and to possibly make her a Queen if such a thing happens the United Kingdom will be the laughing stock of the World as the Queen allowed this shame for the love of her son, the Monarchy comes before the love of a son and she should have taken advise not from Charles Sycophantic couturiers and Spin doctors in this matter, it was done all very prettily for sure! Edward the uncle some 60 years ago did his rightful duty and Abdicated for the sake of the one he loved, Charles should follow suit.

  2. I wish you a very royal year!
    Thank you so much for all your work for this blog. It’s a pleasure every day!

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