State Opening of Parliament 2019

The Queen, accompanied by the Prince of Wales, presided over the Official Opening of the Session of Parliament in the Chamber of the House of Lords at the Palace of Westminster in London on December 19th. This was a ‘dressed down’ version of the State Opening, devoid of pageantry and ceremony, right after the UK General Election, and just two months after the last State Opening

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The Queen and Prince of Wales drove by car, rather than by carriage, from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster. The Imperial State Crown, usually worn, was carried by the Marquess of Cholmondeley ahead of the Queen and Prince during the procession into the Chamber of the House of Lords. The Queen summoned the members of the House of Commons, before making her Speech from the Throne, which is written by the Government, outlining their plans for the current session of Parliament, and does not reflect the personal views of The Queen.  After the Speech, which lasted 15 minutes, the Royal Party travel edback to Buckingham Palace.


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