Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck

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Today marks the Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck, who was born on this day in 1833. The daughter of Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge and Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel, she was born in Hanover, where the Duke was the Viceroy for King George IV and King William IV, until they returned to London after the Accession of Queen Victoria, her first cousin, in 1837. In 1866, she married Prince Francis of Teck, who was created Duke of Teck by the King of Württemberg in 1871. The couple had four children, most notably the future Queen Mary. The Duke and Duchess of Teck resided at the White Lodge in Richmond Park and an apartment at Kensington Palace, and despite their modest income, they lived lavishly, leading them to go into self-imposed exile in Italy, Germany, and Austria. Known as ‘Fat Mary’, the Duchess of Teck was a popular member of the British Royal Family and of high society. She did not live to see her daughter become Princess of Wales or Queen, passing away following an emergency operation in 1897.

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Teck Crescent Tiara

Teck Ears of Wheat Tiara

Teck Diamond Hoop Necklace

Cambridge Emerald Parure

Cambridge Pearl Pendant Brooch

Teck Sapphire Stomacher

Duchess of Gloucester’s Pendant Earrings

The Teck Flower Brooch

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