Christie’s Magnificent Jewels- 12 November 2019

It’s that time of year again! The major European Auction Houses are having their annual autumn Royal and Noble Jewellery Sales, we will be featuring many of them over the next few days, starting with the Royal and Noble highlights from the Christies’ Magnificent Jewels Sale in Geneva tomorrow!

Christie’s Magnificent Jewels- 12 November 2019

Emerald and Diamond Necklace

Estimate: CHF 60,000 – CHF 80,000

This Emerald and Diamond Necklace, featuring drop-shaped and cabochon emeralds set in old-cut diamonds, which, according to family tradition, was given to the owner’s grandfather by the Shah of Iran in 1939, as a token of appreciation for organising his wedding to Princess Fawzia, the sister of King Farouk of Egypt.

Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Estimate: CHF 350,000 – CHF 550,000

Formerly belonging to Cornelia, Countess of Carnarvon

Featuring oval-shaped rubies and old-cut diamonds, this Ruby and Diamond Necklace likely comes from the French Crown Ruby Parure, and was worn by Mrs Bradley Martin at the famous Bradley-Martin Ball in 1898 before being left to her daughter, Cornelia, Countess of Craven, whose jewels were auctioned in 1961.

Turquoise and Diamond Brooches | Turquoise and Diamond Necklace | Turquoise and Diamond Stomacher

Estimate: CHF 150,000 – CHF 200,000 | CHF 120,000 – CHF 180,000 | CHF 250,000 – CHF 350,000

From the collection of the late Dame Nellie Melba

The Turquoise and Diamond Brooches, Turquoise and Diamond Necklace, and Turquoise and Diamond Stomacher were commissioned by the famous Australian Opera singer, Dame Nellie Melba, from Cartier, and passed to her granddaughter, the late Pamela, Lady Vestey, the mother of current Baron Vestey, the Queen’s former Master of the Horse.

Diamond Bracelets | Art Deco Diamond Brooches | Emerald and Diamond Ring | Pearl and Diamond Earrings | Diamond Bracelet | Diamond Bracelet | Cartier Diamond Brooches

Estimate: CHF 25,000 – CHF 35,000 | CHF 15,000 – CHF 20,000 | CHF 10,000 – CHF 15,000 | CHF 8,000 – CHF 12,000 | CHF 30,000 – CHF 40,000 |  CHF 20,000 – CHF 30,000 | CHF 180,000 – CHF 220,000

The Property of Beatrice Forbes, Countess of Granard

The Diamond Bracelets, Art Deco Diamond Brooches, Emerald and Diamond Ring, Pearl and Diamond Earrings, Diamond Bracelet, Diamond Bracelet, and Cartier Diamond Brooches were commissioned by Beatrice Forbes, Countess of Granard and were auctioned at Christie’s in Saint Moritz in 1994. The Cartier Diamond Brooches were initially part of the Cartier India Tiara now in the collection of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Shah Jahan Necklace

Estimate: CHF 70,000 – CHF 100,000

Featuring tumbled spinel beads, pearls, an octagonal table-cut diamond, vari-shaped table-cut diamonds and rubies, carved jade, and gold, the ‘Shah Jahan’ Necklace features a spinel dated from 1609-10, and has been exhibited around the world.

Art Deco Diamond Bandeau

Estimate: CHF 300,000 – CHF 500,000

A superb Art Deco Diamond Bandeau, featuring cushion, old and baguette-cut diamonds, set in platinum by Cartier in 1920. The Bandeau can also be worn as a choker, two bracelets or as a brooch.


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