Wedding of Crown Prince Constantine of Greece and Princess Sophia of Prussia, 1889

27Royal Chronicles

The Wedding of Crown Prince Constantine of Greece, eldest son of King George I of Greece and Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna of Russia, and Princess Sophia of Prussia, daughter of Emperor Frederick III of Germany and Victoria, Princess Royal, at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens on this day in 1889, a much celebrated match that revived an old Greek nationalist legend of Byzantine Times. Royal Guests and Relatives included the King Christian IX and Queen Louise of Denmark (grandparents of the groom), Kaiser Wilhelm II and Empress Augusta Victoria of Germany (brother and sister-in-law of the bride) the Prince and Princess of Wales (uncle and aunt of both), and the Tsarevitch of Russia (cousin of the groom). The couple had six children, including King George II, King Alexander, and King Paul of GreeceQueen Helen of Romania and Princess Irene, Duchess of Aosta (a short-lived Queen Consort of Croatia). King Constantine I succeeded to the Throne in 1913, but was deposed by the Allies during WWI, which put their second son on the throne for a few years until his untimely death led to King Constantine’s return for two years until he was deposed again in 1922, passing away the following year, with her elder son acceding to the Throne for two more years until the Greek Republic was proclaimed, Queen Sophia lived out the rest of her days in Italy, passing away in 1932. King Constantine and Queen Sophie’s grandchildren include King Constantine II of GreeceQueen Sofia of SpainKing Michael of RomaniaQueen Alexandra of Yugoslavia, and the Duke of Aosta.

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