Queen Amélie of Portugal

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Today marks the Anniversary of the Birth of Queen Amélie of Portugal, who was born on this day in 1865. The eldest daughter of Prince Philippe, Count of Paris, and Princess Marie Isabelle d’Orléans, Princess Amélie d’Orléans born in exile in London, before the family returned to France in 1871, and resided at the Hôtel Matignon in Paris and the Château d’Eu in Normandy. In 1886, she married Carlos, Prince Royal of Portugal, in a ceremony so lavish that her family was exiled again a week later. The couple had three children, Luís Filipe, Prince Royal, Infanta Maria Ana, and King Manuel II, succeeding to the Throne in 1889. Queen Amélie was popular and active in many social projects, though the popularity of the Portuguese monarchy had started to wane. In 1908, the King and the Prince Royal were assassinated while the family returned to Lisbon, which led to the accession of her younger son, King Manuel, who only reigned for two years before he was deposed and the monarchy was abolished. Queen Amélie lived most of her remaining life in exile in France, at her home, the Château de Bellevue, visiting Portugal for a pilgrimage in 1945, until her death in 1951.

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