Yugoslavian State Visit to Germany, 1939

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Prince Regent Paul and Princess Olga of Yugoslavia were hosted by Adolf Hitler during their State Visit to Germany on this day in 1939, 80 years ago, on the eve of the start of the Second World War, coming right after their State Visit to Italy. Highlights included three glittering Banquets, for which the Princess wore her Diamond Kokoshnik Tiara, Boucheron Diamond Tiara, and Queen Olga’s Ruby Parure. Also invited were her sister, Princess Elisabeth of Greece, Countess Törring-Jettenbach  (wearing the Vladimir Fringe Tiara) and Princess Mafalda of Italy and Hesse (in a Hesse Tiara). The visit proved instrumental in forming  Yugoslavia’s foreign policy during the Second World War, when the Regent signed a tripartite act with Nazi Germany and was deposed days later by a British-backed coup, that was followed by the German invasion and occupation of Yugoslavia.


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