Abdication of Emperor Akihito of Japan

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Emperor Akihito of Japan abdicated in a ‘Taiirei Seiden no Gi’ Ceremony at 5:00 pm on April 30th at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, an acknowledgement of the time that the Emperor’s Official Duties ended, though he will remain Emperor until midnight, marking the end of the Heisei Era. Prime Minister Abe gave speech representing the public, after which Emperor Akihito delivered his last address as Emperor, which was followed by an Audience with members of the Imperial Family and the Imperial Household. Earlier, Emperor Akihito reported his abdication at the Shrine of Kashikodokoro. The Sacred Objects that have been passed down alongside the Imperial throne, including the sword, Kusanagi, and the jewel, Yasakani no Magatami, were displayed, and will be presented to the new Emperor tomorrow. Emperor Akihito succeeded to the Chrysanthemum Throne in 1989, and was enthroned in 1990.


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  1. This ceremony seems terribly poignant to me. I wish the Emperor and Empress a long, healthy and peaceful retirement. They have served their country well and with great dignity.

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