How Do Royals Spend Their Days?

It takes a lot of work to be a royal, and their days are often booked with royal obligations like charity work, fundraisers, or necessary public appearances, with some royals attending hundreds of events per year. So there’s not a lot of time that they can spend on themselves. When they do pursue personal interests, such as athletic or charitable interests, this also helps them to improve their appearance as a royal, so it’s a win-win situation. Below, we’ll take a closer look at what royals do with their days.

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Attending Royal Events

When you crunch the numbers, some royals attend far more royal events than others. For example, let’s take a look at the British royal family. In 2018, Princess Anne attended 518 events, Prince William attended 220 events, Prince Harry attended 193 events, Prince Charles attended 507 events, and Queen Elizabeth II (aged 92) attended 283 events. Prince Andrew and Prince Edward both attended roughly 400 events each.

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For many of the royals mentioned, that means they likely attended several events per day at various points, which is no small feat. In recent years, Prince Charles, at age 70, has really stepped up his game to prepare for taking over the throne in the future, but the true standout of the bunch is Princess Anne. Although Prince William and Prince Harry are among the most popular royals today, their number of public appearances has been a sore spot for the British royal family. But this will likely change in the coming years as they both take on more responsibilities.

Practicing Public Presentation

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Although this might seem like a skill royals are born with, it’s not — it takes a lot of work for them to present themselves in a certain way to the public. Being a royal means existing in the limelight, which means that every movement and expression will be picked apart, often on a global scale. As seen with Meghan Markle’s royal training, some of what this entails includes practicing proper behavior and manners at all times (such as when walking or eating), and working on public speaking, performance (such as developing a good poker face), and engagement (such as when interacting with citizens). Of all the unusual situations that might require a good poker face, existing as a royal is probably not a situation that comes immediately to mind, but a royal will not get far in today’s world without one. It will help royals to stay composed during difficult moments, which is crucial as public servants since they can easily alter the public’s mood. Queen Elizabeth II, in particular, is known for her expert poker face.

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Pursuing Athletic Interests

For many royals, attending a sporting event in their spare time is a great way to relax and enjoy their favorite game (often tennis, football, or horse racing). But it’s also a great way for royals to engage and bond with citizens, or support public events (like the Royal Ascot). Many royals, like Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge, also volunteer for athletic causes. This often includes coaching youth practices, raising money for youth teams, or competing in a charitable event.

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Many royals also enjoy playing sports, whether that’s playing their favorite sport or learning a new activity. Prince Carl Philip is extremely into a variety of sports such as soccer, skiing, car racing, and swimming, and has even competed in skiing and car races. Princess Sofia of Sweden also enjoys skiing in her free time. Last year, she even competed in Sweden’s annual Tjejvasan race.

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If you thought royals spent most of their time attending balls, partying, and vacationing, think again. While some certainly make more official royal appearances than others, it takes a lot of work to be a royal today. Even events that are deemed to be “fun” likely include official royal duties, since being a royal is a 24/7 job.

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