Queen at Science Museum

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 The Queen visited the Science Museum in London on March 7th to announce its summer exhibition, Top Secret, and unveil a new space for supporters, to be known as the Smith Centre. Upon arrival, the Queen was greeted by primary school students participating in an activity with beebots – robots designed for use by young children. During the visit, she viewed objects connected with the Top Secret exhibition and meet school students involved in computer coding sessions. The Queen then toured the Smith Centre to meet supporters and employees who will benefit from the new space, which will be used for networking, events and lectures. On display will be a painting by Terence Cuneo depicting an electrical engineering workshop. The Queen unveiled a plaque to officially open the Smith Centre, to conclude the visit, after posting her first Instagram Post on the Royal Family’s Official Account, which comes after she sent her first tweet during the last visit to the Science Museum in 2014.

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Today, as I visit the Science Museum I was interested to discover a letter from the Royal Archives, written in 1843 to my great-great-grandfather Prince Albert.  Charles Babbage, credited as the world’s first computer pioneer, designed the “Difference Engine”, of which Prince Albert had the opportunity to see a prototype in July 1843.  In the letter, Babbage told Queen Victoria and Prince Albert about his invention the “Analytical Engine” upon which the first computer programmes were created by Ada Lovelace, a daughter of Lord Byron.  Today, I had the pleasure of learning about children’s computer coding initiatives and it seems fitting to me that I publish this Instagram post, at the Science Museum which has long championed technology, innovation and inspired the next generation of inventors. Elizabeth R. PHOTOS: Supplied by the Royal Archives © Royal Collection Trust / Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2019

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