Queen Sophia of Greece

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Queen Sophia of Greece died on this day in 1932. Born Princess Sophia of Prussia, she was the fourth of the six surviving children of Emperor Frederick III of Germany and Victoria, Princess Royal, the eldest child of Queen Victoria, and was openly hostileto her elder brother, Kaiser Wilhelm II. In 1889, she married Crown Prince Constantine of Greece, and the couple had six children , including King George II, King Alexander, and King Paul of Greece, Queen Helen of Romania and Princess Irene, Duchess of Aosta (a short-lived Queen Consort of Croatia). King Constantine I succeeded to the Throne in 1913, but was deposed by the Allies during WWI, which put their second son on the throne for a few years until his untimely death led to King Constantine’s return for two years until he was deposed again in 1922, with her elder son acceding to the Throne for two more years until the Greek Republic was proclaimed. The Greek Monarchy was restored in 1935 lasting until being abolished again in 1973. Queen Sophia lived out the rest of her days in Italy, passing away in on this day in 1932, and being buried at the Russian church of Florence for four years before being repatriated to the Royal Cemetery at Tatoi. Queen Sophie’s grandchildren include King Constantine II of Greece, Queen Sofia of Spain, King Michael of Romania, Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia, and the Duke of Aosta.

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  1. Queen Sophia’s Diamond tiara had not been seen until CP Marie-Chantal wore it for Queen Margrethe’s Jubilee, but then it went back into hiding. No more sightings in 6 years, even though CP Marie-Chantal has turned over the Miller Fringe to her daughter. I would like to see it out and about again. I also would like to see the Diamond Circle Tiara again. It’s a lovely tiara, even though I’m afraid it’s lost its central diamond.

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