UFO No More Podcast Episode 32: Tiara Mania

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UFO No More Podcast Episode 32: Tiara Mania featuring The Royal Watcher

I had a lovely time returning to talk to my friend Laura Faurot of UFO No More on her weekly Podcast (which I highly recommend you check out). We discussed a variety of topics, mainly the Five (six if you count Kedah) Days of Tiaras we had last week at the Belgian State Banquet in Portugal, the Dutch State Banquet in Britain, the Banquet at Christiansborg PalaceStortingsmiddag, and Princess Ayako’s Farewell Audience, giving our observations on the fashion and (more importantly) the jewellery. Click on the link above to listen to the Podcast. It is also available on iTunesGoogle Play, and Stitcher.

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