Princess Ayako’s Farewell Audience

Princess Ayako of Takamado, the daughter of the late Norihito, Prince Takamado and Princess Takamado, (wearing her 20th Birthday Tiara and Parure with the Badge of the Order of the Precious Crown for the last time) attended a Farewell Audience (Choken-no-Gi) with Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan at the Imperial Palace of Tokyo on October 26th, after a series of events in the Three Shrines of the Imperial Court, ahead of her Wedding to Kei Moriya on the 29th. This was Princess Ayako’s last rite as a member of the Imperial family, after the Wedding, she will renounce her Imperial Status, and become Mrs Ayako Moriya.

Fun fact- Princess Ayako studied at a College in Canada right across from my old school! 


One thought on “Princess Ayako’s Farewell Audience

  1. I’m happy for the princess because of her impending marriage, but the fact that she has to completely renounce her former life and be “erased” is so sad. I really think the JIF should rethink the whole family protocol because they will end up with nobody at all! Right now, it’s impossible for any of the princesses to retain their status after marriage because there are no available male royals to marry! The only young male prince right now is a little boy because the family has been so restricted that there are no collateral royals at all. But, maybe that’s the plan. The Imperial family will disappear by attrition and perhaps that was the idea all along.

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