Wedding of the Duke of Huéscar

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The Duke of Huéscar, eldest son and Heir of the Duke of Alba, married his longtime girlfriend Sofía Palazuelo Barroso in the Chapel of the Liria Palace, the Madrid home of the Dukes of Alba, on October 6th, in a Roman Catholic Ceremony officiated by the Lira Palace Chaplain, Don Ignacio Sánchez-Dalp.

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Guests included members of the European Royalty and Aristocracy, including Queen Sofia of Spain, Tsar Simeon and Queen Margarita of Bulgaria, Princess Carla of Bulgaria, Princess Anne, Duchess of Calabria, the Marques and Marchioness de Griñón, Prince Pierre D’Arenberg, , Marquesa de Llanzol, Doña Pilar Medina Sidonia, The Marchioness of Castelldosríus, Countess of Bornos.


6 thoughts on “Wedding of the Duke of Huéscar

  1. Well, I can’t say that I’m not disappointed because I am. Simplicity can be a good thing except when it’s taken to an extreme. Take away the bed sheet she’s dragging that passes for a cape and cut the dress to street length and this is an outfit you could wear to your local pub for a few pints. There’s no embroidery, no lace, no veil, no anything. The cap sleeves are the worst offenders. That photo from the back looks as if she’s wearing a t-shirt. And no tiara! OK, so maybe she probably doesn’t like tiaras- or maybe it wasn’t offered to her. In any case, I think this was probably one of the few times- if not the only time- where she would get to wear one. What a pity! But at least the groom was smiling

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    1. I can’t imagine she wasn’t offered a tiara as she will be the First Lady of the House of Alaba now because the present duke isn’t married. I guess it eas her own choice but for what is she waiting. Unfortunately there are no other occasions for spanish noble ladies to wear their tiaras.

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