Duke of Huéscar

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Happy Birthday to Fernando Fitz-James Stuart, 15th Duke of Huéscar, who turns 30 today! The eldest son of Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, 19th Duke of Alba and Matilde de Solís-Beaumont, he is a grandson of the 18th Duchess of Alba (the most titled aristocrat in the world) and the Heir to the Dukedom of Alba, one of Spain’s most illustrious aristocratic titles, and the  massive fortune of the House of Alba, concentrated at the Liria Palace in Madrid and the Palacio de las Dueñas in Seville, with hereditary privileges such as being the only person to enter the Seville Cathedral on horseback. The Duke studied at the Colegio Santa María de los Rosales and at St Martin’s Ampleforth in the UK, before getting an undergraduate degree in Law from the University of London and a Master in Marketing Management from the College for International Studies and at the University of Massachusetts. In 2018, the Duke of Huéscar married his longtime girlfriend, Sofía Palazuelo, now the Duchess of Huéscar, and the couple had their first child, a daughter named Rosario, last week. We wish His Excellency a Very Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!


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  1. Much happiness to the Duke on the occasion of his birthday! And congratulations to him and the Duchess on the birth of their daughter Rosario!

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