Ball at the Royal Palace of Brussels, 1958

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

King Baudouin of Belgium was joined by King Leopold III and the Princess de Réthy as he hosted a Ball at the Royal Palace in Brussels on this day in 1958, to celebrate the opening of the International Exhibition, which attended by, among others, Crown Prince Constantine of Greece, Crown Princess Beatrix (wearing her Laurel Wreath Tiara) and Princess Irene of the Netherlands, (in the Dutch Ears of Wheat Tiara), Princess Eugenie of Greece (wearing the Cartier Olive Wreath Tiara), Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy (wearing Queen Marie Jose’s Pearl Bandeau Tiara), Princess Isabella d’Orléans (in the Coty Emerald Tiara), Princess Maria Cristina of Savoy Aosta (wearing a Savoy-Aosta Tiara), Princess Marie-Françoise of Bourbon-Parma (wearing a Bourbon Bandeau), and Princess Maria Teresa of Bourbon-Parma (wearing the Bourbon-Lobkowicz Tiara).


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