Aga Khan’s Diamond Jubilee Dinner at Windsor Castle

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The Queen hosted a private dinner for Prince Karim Aga Khan IV at Windsor Castle on the evening of March 8th, to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the his leadership as Imam of the Shia Ismaili Muslim Community. The Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Royal, Sir Timothy, and the Duke of York were present as well as members of the Aga Khan Royal Family. In 2007, the Queen hosted his Golden Jubilee Dinner at Buckingham Palace.

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The Queen wore a fuchsia and gold gown with her King Khalid Diamond Necklace and Queen Mary’s Cluster Earrings. The Duchess of Cornwall wore a dark velvet gown with her Pear Drop Diamond Demi-Parure. The Princess Royal wore a green evening gown and jacket with her pearl and diamond suite. Princess Zahra Aga Khan wore a blue gown with diamonds, while Princess Salwa Aga Khan wore ice blue with pearl and diamond earrings. The men wore Black Tie, with the Prince of Wales wearing the Windsor Uniform.


4 thoughts on “Aga Khan’s Diamond Jubilee Dinner at Windsor Castle

  1. The Queen looked absolutely splendid! The Duchess of Cornwall also looked very nice in her velvet gown and diamond demi-parure. But looking at the event, I do wonder why does the Queen host a jubilee party for Prince Karim Aga Khan when I don’t see her hosting for any other world personage.
    This is his Diamond Jubilee, an extra special occasion, and you stated that she hosted him for his Golden Jubilee as well. I am not criticizing, I’m just curious as to their special relationship.

    I know he’s a Muslim spiritual leader or Imam and that his mother was British (I think she was the daughter of a baron). He’s also incredibly rich, a huge philanthropist, as well as the owner of excellent racing horses, but it’s still curious to me that he is given such a distinction as a special, private dinner in his honor, and hosted by the Queen. Do you know what is the special connection? (TBH, I wished everybody would be nice to each other like this.)

    1. It was so lovely to see The Queen wearing a colour other than white at a formal dinner. And it’s always a treat to see the gentlemen in WIndsor Uniform. As for the Aga Khan, I suspect there are many reasons he was honoured in this way, not least of which is a long standing friendship with The Queen. He certainly is well respected around the world for his wisdom and philanthropy. Along with Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, The Dalai Lama and several others, he is an honourary Canadian Citizen for this reason, as well as for his spiritual leadership,

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