Queen at International Maritime Organization


The Queen visited the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London on March 6th to mark the 70th year of its formation. She was greeted by Mr. Kitack Lim, Secretary General, before viewing a model of RMS Queen Mary 2. The Queen then listened to a short speech by the Secretary General and unveiled a plaque to mark her visit, before viewing the lighthouse optic, an exhibition about the role of modern shipping, and cutting a cake to mark the anniversary.

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The Queen wore purple Stewart Parvin coat with a matching Rachel Trevor Morgan hat, pairing her customary Three Strand Pearl Necklace with the Amethyst Bouquet Brooch.

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    1. The British, and British royalty in particular, have always been very proud of their naval history. The Queen’s father and grandfather as well as her husband were in the navy. The Queen Mary I, precursor to this incarnation, was an incredibly important asset to the Allies during WWII. The huge ship was used extensively for troop transportation during the war. They constantly tried, but the Nazi U Boats couldn’t locate her long enough to sink her- she was too fast! I’ve no doubt that her Majesty was very interested indeed in the Queen Mary II.

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