Shah of Iran and Queen Soraya in London, 1955

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The Shah of Iran and Queen Soraya (wearing her Emerald Tiara) attend a reception given by the Iranian Ambassador to the UK, at the Savoy Hotel in London on this day in 1955. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester (in her Bandeau Tiara and Emerald Necklace) were also present.

2 thoughts on “Shah of Iran and Queen Soraya in London, 1955

  1. Oh my! Where to start? I love the Shah’s “laundry line” of medals! I have never seen so many on one person. Queen Soraya epitomizes 1950’s glamour with her mink trimmed gown and cigarettes. But most of all, I love the plummy tones of the announcer on the Pathe news items. It just makes me smile. How elegant they were!

  2. An amazing dynasty and a caring Shah not appreciated by its own people. Certainly painful when you read this dynasty’s history.

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