Luxembourg State Visit to Japan- Day 3

Grand Duke Henri and Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg are on a three-day State Visit to Japan, from November 27th-29th, to strengthen diplomatic, political, and economic ties. Grand Duchess Maria Theresa has pulled out of the visit due to her fear of flying, replaced by Princess Alexandra on her first State Visit. Click HERE for Day 1, and HERE for Day 2.

On the final day, Grand Duke Henri attended the Luxembourg-Japan Space Conference and visited Japan’s second tallest building. Meanwhile, Princess Alexandra attended the Luxembourg-Japan Finance Conference, where Grand Duchess Maria Teresa gave the opening remarks by video broadcast. They also attended a reception at the Luxembourgish Embassy in Tokyo.

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In the evening, Grand Duke Henri and Princess Alexandra hosted a Concert for the Japanese Imperial Family at the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo, and then bid farewell to the Emperor and Empress.

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5 thoughts on “Luxembourg State Visit to Japan- Day 3

  1. OMIGOSH! I wonder if the Empress and P. Alexandra discussed their outfits before the concert. They complement each other perfectly in gray and gold. The Empress was wearing a beautiful kimono and the Princess a lovely embellished suit. I have noticed in the pictures that the Empress always has a protective arm on the Princess which is quite lovely to see. I’m sure the Princess will have with her wonderful memories of this trip. No doubt she left an excellent impression on her hosts. The Duke must be bursting with pride at his accomplished daughter!

    1. I think the Princess has handled herself impeccably! It’s lovely to see her close friendship with the Empress! She deserves to go on all State Visits now! Interestingly, almost all of Princess Alexandra’s outfits are repeats of the Grand Duchess!

    2. It’s Empress Michiko’s habit to hold her partner’s arm. She holds the Emperor’s elbow frequently. During the Belgian and Spanish state visits, she held Queen Mathilde and Queen Letizia’s arms. Not sure if that’s simply a habit, kind gesture, or something more (i.e. balance issues). Indeed GD Henri, GD Maria Teresa, and Luxembourg must be proud. Hope they include Alexandra and others at state visits.

  2. I totally agree! She did her country and family proud! And there are quite a few gorgeous gowns in the GDs closet just waiting to come out and play! 🙂

  3. Princess Alexandra was exceptional throughout this visit. There were a few boring yet perfectly appropriate outfits. In retrospect, my wish for an Elie Saab couture gown was overly ambitious and premature. I think once an item has been altered for a slimmer / taller person, MT won’t wear it again. It’s likely too soon to see gowns MT recently debuted; she’ll wear them a few more times. Great to see more photos of the Imperial family. Usually the Mikasa and Takamado princesses are ignored.

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