Prince and Princess of Wales in Germany, 1987

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte will be starting their visit to Germany in Berlin today, as part of a five-day tour of Poland and Germany. In honour of the start of this leg of the tour, we are featuring the Prince and Princess of Wales’ 1987 tour of Germany.

The Tour started in Berlin, where the Prince and Princess attended a special performance of the Royal Ballet at the Berlin Opera House to commemorate the 750th Anniversary of the City.

The next day, they moved on to Bonn, where they received a large welcome, the Prince gave a speech, and the couple met officials. In the evening the Prince and Princess (in the Spencer Tiara) attended an Official dinner hosted by the State President.

Other stops on the tour included visits to Hamburg, Munich, Celle, and Cologne.

Events in the evening included a concert at the Munich Opera House, a Gala Dinner in Hamburg, and a State Dinner in Munich (for which the Princess wore the Spencer Tiara) on the final evening.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 9.23.44 PM.png


4 thoughts on “Prince and Princess of Wales in Germany, 1987

  1. What a difference twenty years make! I don’t know if the less formal aspect of the trip has to do with the fact that the Prince and Princess of Wales were not the sovereigns. There is definitely not as much. Even though there were two tiara events, the late Princess brought only one tiara. The reception at the airport was also less of an event. I’m speculating that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to Germany will continue with the lessening of formality. For instance, I noticed that the dinner in Poland had a cocktail dress code, no formal dress or tiaras. I imagine the same for this visit.

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    1. I’m afraid less formality is the norm these days! I had hoped for a black tie gala tonight in Germany, but the first pictures reveal it not so! The Germany trip was similar to the 1983 Canada tour I covered a few weeks ago, during which there were 5 tiara events, while the Queen had over 12 on her first tour, and the Cambridges have had none on both tours!


  2. I’m wondering if it does have to do with the fact that they are the heirs to the heirs. I’ve noticed that when the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have been on state visits, there is usually at least one formal affair with tiaras and the whole bit. Might it be the Cambridge’s rank?

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