Princess Diana’s Tiaras

The late Diana, Princess of Wales would have celebrated her 56th Birthday today. In honour of the occasion, we are featuring all of the tiaras worn by her during her years as a royal and afterwards.

Queen Mary’s Lovers Knot Tiara

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Made by Garrards for Queen Mary in 1914, as a replica of a tiara owned by her grandmother, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Lover’s Knot Tiara was inherited by the Queen in 1953, who wore it often in the early years of her reign. The Tiara was given as a lifetime loan to Diana, Princess of Wales, who complained about the ‘swinging pearls’, but she wore it at most of her tiara events. The Lover’s Knot Tiara returned to the Queen upon her death in 1997. The Duchess of Cambridge wore the tiara for the first time at the Diplomatic Reception in 2015, and wore it again at the Diplomatic Reception last December.

Spencer Tiara

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Given as a wedding gift to Cynthia, Viscountess Althorp (Diana’s grandmother) in 1919, this piece was composed of several pieces. Worn by her sisters and sister-in-law at their wedding, the Spencer Tiara was worn by Lady Diana Spencer at her wedding to the Prince of Wales. Afterwards, she regularly borrowed the piece, preferring it as an alternative to Queen Mary’sLover’s Knot Tiara. It hasn’t been worn since her death, but has formed part of various exhibits on her life.

Emerald Choker

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Made from a gift of emeralds and diamonds from the Ladies of India, this Art Deco choker was created by Garrards in 1921. Given as a wedding gift to Diana, Princess of Wales, from the Queen, the piece was worn as a Bandeau during a dance in Melbourne. It was worn as a choker to other events, though it wasn’t a favourite. It is now in the Queen’s collection.

Sapphire Choker

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Made from a watch and a ring given as a wedding gift from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, this Sapphire Choker was worn as a bandeau at a banquet during a visit to japan.

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