Crown Princess Victoria’s 40th Birthday

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrated her 40th Birthday with a series of celebrations in Stockholm on July 14th.

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In the morning, the entire Swedish Royal Family attended a Te Deum Thanksgiving Service in the Chapel of the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Afterwards, there was a reception at the Logården in the Royal Palace when gifts were handed over from the Prime Minister, President, governors and the Royal Court.

Later, the Crown Princess Family traveled by carriage through the streets of Stockholm. Prince Daniel shared a personal photo taken by himself during the carriage ride.

In the evening, the entire Royal Family attended the the annual Victoriadagen concert in Borgholm, where the Crown Princess gave a speech.

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Embed from Getty Images

On July 15th, the Crown Princess Victoria was accompanied by Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, Prince Oscar, King Carl Gustaf, and Queen Silvia as they greeted crowds outside Solliden Palace.

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One thought on “Crown Princess Victoria’s 40th Birthday

  1. Crown Princess Victoria and her little family are so lovely! Both the Princess and her husband Prince Daniel and doing such an excellent job raising their two kids. Princess Estelle is the very model of a precious, well educated young lady. Baby Oscar is too young, but his doting sister looks out for him at every occasion, so he’s covered. I wish Crown Princess Victoria all the best !

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