Duke of Cambridge at International Wildlife Trade Conference

On Day 2 of the Royal Visit to Vietnam, the Duke of Cambridge attended the 3rd International Wildlife Trade Conference in Hanoi. He also gave a speech for the global need to end Wildlife Crime.

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In his speech, the Duke said:

We can win this battle. And in doing so we can take a small step in reminding ourselves that we are capable of rising to the challenges of our age- a message that our young people need to hear loud and clear.”  The Duke also said “So while we’ve made progress, the truth is we are falling behind. A betting man would still bet on extinction.” However, he concluded  “There is much to be proud of and I want to make sure we can take confidence from what we have achieved. We are on the right side of history here.”

After the speech, the Duke met with the World Aid Rhino and gave an interview later in the day..

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