Royals at the Olympics 2016- Day 7

On Day 7 of the Olympics in Rio, Crown Prince fredrick was the only Royal who was photographed. He saw Denmark win its forth Gold medal after a track race, and a men’s golf event.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 1.35.01 AM

The Danish Royal instagram account shared a photo with the caption; “Natten til lørdag vandt Danmark sin 4. medalje under OL i Rio. Det danske banelandshold med Casper Folsach, Frederik Rodenberg Madsen, Niklas Larsen og Lasse Norman Hansen på cyklerne vandt bronze i 4000 meter holdforfølgelse over New Zealand. Her foreviger H.K.H. Kronprinsen det store øjeblik under medaljeceremonien. 📸 Kongehuset ©” which roughly translated means “Friday night Denmark won her fourth medal at the Olympic Games in Rio. The Danish national team track with Casper Folsach , Frederik Rodenberg Madsen, Niklas Larsen and Lasse Norman Hansen on the bikes won bronze in the 4000 meter team pursuit over New Zealand . Here perpetuates HRH Crown Prince the big moment during the medal ceremony. 📸 Royal Family ©” Crown Prince Fredrick was also pictured at the second round of the men’s golf event.


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