Patron’s Lunch at Buckingham Palace

The Patron’s Lunch, the much anticipated finale to the Queen’s Birthday Celebrations, was held on the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace on June 12th. The lunch, held for the Queen’s Patronages, was planned by her grandson, Peter Phillips. Members of the Royal Family attended with the Queen, excepting the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall who were attending a street party. There was a lunch, a royal walkabout, followed by speeches, and and a parade.

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The day started off rainy, but cleared up in time for the royal arrivals. The 10, 000 guests were given a Mark’s and Spencer hampers for lunch, before the Royals arrived on the Mall. The Queen and other Royals were pictured observing the crowds.

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Most of the Royal Family traveled down the Mall, and personally greeted the huge crowds. They chatted and shook hands with many members of the public, and made their way to the end of the Mall, where they awaited the arrival of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

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The Queen and the Duke traveled down the Mall in an open-top Land Rover to a stage at the end of the Mall, where the Duke of Cambridge and the Queen gave speeches. The Queen and Duke were followed by the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry in Land Rovers, for their journey back up the Mall towards a platform set up under the Victoria Memorial.

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They were joined by other Royals, to view the Parade. Highlights included demonstrations by the patronages, a model of the Queen’s yacht Britannia, a giant model of the Queen’s handbag, and a large number 90. Later, the Royal family posed for a photo taken by the Duke of York, as the Queen and Duke were returning back to the Palace.

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The Queen wore a silk floral dress, bright pink Karl Ludwig coat, and an Angela Kelly hat. She also wore her customary three-strand pearl necklace with Queen Victoria’s Bow Brooch. Earlier, HM had worn Queen Mary’s Bar Brooch. The Duke of Edinburgh wore a dark suit and tie, with a khaki coat.

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The Duke of Cambridge wore a navy suit with a mauve tie. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a blue Roskanda dress with her Mappin & Webb earrings and pendent. Prince Harry wore a navy suit with a light blue tie.

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