Jordanian State Visit to Belgium

TM King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan are on a three-day State Visit to Belgium, to “Forge links amongst countries, look for agreements and build partnerships for peace.” They were hosted by King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium.


TM landed in Brussels on May 17th, and were welcomed privately by King Phillipe, Queen Mathilde and their four children at the Royal Castle of Laeken, the residence of the Belgian Monarchs on the outskirts of Brussels.

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On May 18th, there was an official welcome at the Royal Palace of Brussels, the official offices of the Belgian Monarchs in central Brussels. TM reviewed the Guard of Honour, posed for the photographers, and attended a luncheon inside the the Royal Palace.


Afterwards, Queen Mathilde and Queen Rania met young people to encourage their talents. Both Kings saw presentations for Operation Desert Falcon at the Air Force Base in Florennes. Later, both couples gathered to hear King Abdullah address UCL University.



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In the evening King Philippe and Queen Mathilde hosted a State Banquet at the Royal Castle of Laeken in honour of the King and Queen of Jordan. Both King Philippe and King Abdullah gave speeches.

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For the morning events, Queen Mathilde wore a yellow houndstooth dress with a cream hat. Queen Rania wore a pink coat with a gold brooch, changing into a white blouse, blazer, and a patterned skirt in the afternoon.  The Kings wore dark suits, King Abdullah with a red ties, King Philippe in a striped navy tie.

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For the Banquet, King Abdullah wore uniform with the Belgian Order of Leopold. King Phillipe also wore uniform, but with the Jordanian Order of al-Hussein bin Ali. Queen Rania wore a black and white gown with the Order of Leopold, and the Boucheron Bracelet Tiara. Queen Mathilde wore a layered red gown with the Supreme Order of the Renaissance. She also wore the Bandeau base of the The Nine Provinces Tiara, and Queen Fabiola’s pearl and diamond earrings.

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