Queen Victoria’s Hesse Diamond Jubilee Brooch

Today marks the Anniversary of the death of Queen Victoria, who died on this day in 1901. While we have already covered her Top 20 Jewels last year, we still have quite a few to go, so today we are taking a look at Queen Victoria’s Hessian Diamond Jubilee Brooch. Continue reading

Connaught Diamond Bow Brooch

Today marks the Anniversary of the Death of Princess Patricia of Connaught / Lady Patricia Ramsay, who died on this day in 1974! The granddaughter of Queen Victoria who gave up her title to marry a Scottish Earl’s son and was the aunt of Swedish and Danish Royals, Lady Patricia attending a plethora of grand events wearing a variety of glittering jewels. We have already featured her Diamond Tiara, Honeysuckle Tiara, Fringe Tiara, and the Connaught Pearl Brooch, so today we are featuring the Connaught Diamond Bow Brooch. Continue reading