South Korean State Visit to Sweden

The Swedish Royal Family hosting President Moon Jae-In and First Lady Kim Jung-sook of South Korea, who is on a State Visit to Sweden on June 14th and 15th, to celebrate and build diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties. The Presidential Couple were previously on a State Visit to Norway.

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King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia met President Moon Jae-In and First Lady Kim Jung-sook at the Royal Mews ahead of a carriage procession to the Royal Palace of Stockholm, for the official Welcome Ceremony, during which the President received military honours and inspected the guard of honour.

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🇸🇪🇰🇷 Under eftermiddagen besökte Kungen och Republiken Koreas president Ericsson Studio i Kista utanför Stockholm. Ericsson är en viktig partner i utvecklingen av 5G i Sydkorea och under besöket demonstrerades olika användningsområden av tekniken. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ De två statscheferna fick också möjlighet att uppleva en del av en e-sportmatch mellan länderna. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Därefter närvarande Kungen, presidenten och statsminister Stefan Löfven vid näringslivsseminariet Sweden-Korea Business Summit på Hotel at Six i Stockholm. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Mötet samlade över 200 representanter från ledande företag, start-ups och investerare från de två länderna. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @thebluehouse_kr ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷: Sara Friberg/Kungl. Hovstaterna

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Afterwards, the group were joined by other members of the royal family for an audience and luncheon, followed by a visit to the Silviahemmet Foundation and the Ericsson Studio in Kista, as well as a Sweden-Korea Business Summit.

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In the evening, King Carl Gustaf (in the Grand Order of Mugunghwa) and Queen Silvia (in the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara and the Order of Diplomatic Service Merit) hosted a State Banquet in honour of President Moon Jae-In and First Lady Kim Jung-sook at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. They processed down the media corridor and received guests before the Banquet. Both the King and President gave speeches. Crown Princess Victoria (wearing the Baden Fringe Tiara), Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia (in her Wedding Tiara), Princess Madeleine (wearing the Modern Fringe Tiara), and Chris O’Neill were also present. The President got the Order of the Seraphim, while the First Lady wore the Order of the Polar Star.


4 thoughts on “South Korean State Visit to Sweden

  1. The Swedish Royal family was out in full force for this visit and looking very excellent, all of them. Even Princess Madeline and Chris O’Neil were there! The Queen and the First Lady of Korea were so well coordinated at the banquet. Judging by them, it looked as if both countries were in synchronization- which I guess is the whole idea behind a state visit. I wonder if Queen Silvia and the First Lady spoke in French with each other. They seemed to be speaking to each other very animatedly.

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  2. Are Koreans proud of their lineage to Rama ? Y ? I thought Koreans read history and follow Mahayana Buddhism !

    Is Rama the role Model of the Koreans ?

    How can a Korean or a Hindoo even consider Rama as a God or a Prophet or a Messenger or a Seer

    Rama told Sita that he saved her for HIS HONOUR and not for the HONOUR AND DIGNITY OR SEETA OR A WOMAN

    Book VI : Yuddha Kanda – Book Of War

    Chapter [Sarga] 115

    विदितश्चास्तु भद्रं ते योऽयं रणपरिश्रमः |
    सुतीर्णः सुहृदां वीर्यान्न त्वदर्थं मया कृतः || ६-११५-१५
    रक्षता तु मया वृत्तमपवादम् च सर्वतः |
    प्रख्यातस्यात्मवंशस्य न्यङ्गं च परिमार्जता || ६-११५-१६

    “Let it be known to you that this endeavor in the shape of war, which has been successful carried through, due to the strength of my friends was not undertaken for your sake. Let there be prosperity to you! This was done by me in order to keep up my good conduct and to wipe off the evil-speaking from all sides as well as the insinuation on my own illustrious dynasty.”

    यत्कर्तव्यं मनुष्येण धर्षणां प्रतिमार्जता |
    तत्कृतं रावणं हत्वा मयेदं मानकाङ्क्क्षिणा || ६-११५-१३

    “I, wanting for an honour, have done this particular act, which ought to be done by a man, in killing Ravana and thus wiping away the insult meted out to me.”

    निर्जिता जीवलोकस्य तपसा भावितात्मना |
    अगस्त्येन दुराधर्षा मुनिना दक्षिणेव दिक् || ६-११५-१४

    “You have been won by me, whose mind stands purified by asceticism as the southern quarter, which was difficult to be approached by the world of mortals, was conquered by the Sage Agastya.”

    गतोऽस्म्यन्तममर्षस्य धर्षणा संप्रमार्जिता |
    अवमानश्च शत्रश्च युगपन्निहतौ मया || ६-११५-३

    “I have come to the end of my indignation and my outrage has been completely requited as also the contempt against the enemy have been wiped out, all at once, by me.”

    अद्य मे पौरुषं दृष्टमद्य मे सफलः श्रमः |
    अद्य तीर्णप्रतिज्ञोऽहं प्रभवाम्यद्य चात्मनः || ६-११५-४

    “Now, my manly strength has been seen by all. Today, my toil has borne fruit. Now, I have fulfilled my promise. Today, I am the master of myself.”


  3. South Koreans claim that their race and the royal family is lineaged from Rama of the Hindoo land of India

    Are Koreans proud of their lineage to Rama ? Y ? I thought Koreans read history and follow Mahayana Buddhism !

    Is Rama the role Model of the Koreans ?

    How can a Korean or a Hindoo even consider Rama as a God or a Prophet or a Messenger or a Seer

    Rama told Sita to whore herself- this is in the Valmiki Ramayana

    Chapter [Sarga] 115

    तद्गच्छ त्वानुजानेऽद्य यथेष्टं जनकात्मजे |
    एता दश दिशो भद्रे कार्यमस्ति न मे त्वया || ६-११५-१८

    “O Seetha! That is why, I am permitting you now. Go wherever you like. All these ten directions are open to you, my dear lady! There is no work to be done to me, by you.”

    तदद्य व्याहृतं भद्रे मयैतत् कृतबुद्धिना |
    लक्ष्मणे वाथ भरते कुरु बुद्धिं यथासुखम् || ६-११५-२२

    “O gracious lady! Therefore, this has been spoken by me today, with a resolved mind. Set you mind on Lakshmana or Bharata, as per your ease.”

    įatrughne vätha sugréve räkņase vä vibhéņaëe |
    niveįaya manaų séte yathä vä sukhamätmanaų || 6-115-23

    “O Seetha! Otherwise, set your mind either on Shatrughna or on Sugreeva or on Vibhishana the demon; or according to your own comfort.”


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