Lady Louise Windsor’s Cartier Diamond Suite 

Happy Birthday to Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor, who turn 20 today! The late Queen’s youngest granddaughter who is 16th-in-line to the Throne and carries on the Duke of Edinburgh’s carriage driving legacy, Lady Louise has not had many opportunities to wear royal jewels, but appeared in this striking Cartier Diamond Suite earlier this year!

While many were hoping to see Lady Louise wear a Tiara for the first time at the Coronation of her uncle, King Charles III, but as the dress code became less formal, Lady Louise found herself in the position of being the only female member of the main Royal Family, who appeared on the Balcony of Buckingham Palace, who would not be wearing Ceremonial Robes and Insignia over a gown.

Instead, Lady Louise wore a Suzannah x Rachel Levy Kumiko Iris Silk Dress with a Jane Taylor Hat, which was paired with this delicate Diamond Suite.

Comprising a necklace with a pendant of intertwined diamond hearts and a diamond drop with coordinating earrings wearing intertwined diamond hearts and a diamond drops, the Suite was modern in design and did not exhibit obvious signs of royal provenance.

Initially, we wondered if the intertwined diamond hearts may ben that it is part of the Duchess of Edinburgh’s suite of intertwined diamond heart jewellery, though the style and size quite varied.   

After remaining a mystery for a little while, the Necklace and Earrings were identified by our friends at UFO No More. The Necklace is described as:

18K white gold Cartier mini Coeur pendant necklace featuring 2.05 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds and box clasp closure,

The accompanying Earrings:

18K white gold Cartier Mini Coeur drop earrings featuring 1.35 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds, removable drops and omega back closures.

It is unknown if the Cartier Mini Coeur Diamond Suite was a one time loan, or a gift from her parents, Prince Edward and the Duchess of Edinburgh, or even her grandparents, the late Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. A (lack of) reappearance should hopefully alley our suspicions!


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