Princess Yoko of Mikasa’s Tiara

Happy Birthday to Princess Yōko of Mikasa, who turns 40 today! The younger daughter of the late Prince Tomohito of Mikasa and granddaughter of Prince Mikasa, Princess Yōko has this splendid Diamond Tiara in her possession!

When Princess Yōko of Mikasa reached her age of majority and celebrated her 20th Birthday in 2003, 20 years ago, she received this splendid Diamond Tiara and coordinating Necklace from the Imperial Household Agency, which had been commissioned by the Jeweller Wako.

Over the years, Princess Yōko has regularly worn the Tiara for the annual New Year Reception at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, when then Japanese Imperial Family makes up to six public appearances to receive greets from the Government and Dignitaries.

Princess Yōko has also been seen wearing her Tiara during several State Visits, like the Spanish State Visit to Japan in 2017 and the Luxembourg State Visit to Japan in 2017, and probably also wore it for the Danish State Visit to Japan in 2004, the Swedish State Visit to Japan in 2007, Spanish State Visit to Japan in 2008.

In 2019, Princess Yōko wore her Tiara and Necklace for the Japanese New Year’s Reception at the Imperial Palace, and a few months later for the Accession of Emperor Naruhito of Japan.

Later that year, Princess Yoko wore the Tiara for Emperor Naruhitos Enthronement Banquet at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, and just a few weeks later, the Tiara was seen during the Japanese New Year’s Reception in 2020, the last held in full gala to date. There is no doubt we will continue to see the Tiara worn for years to come!


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