Nepalese State Banquet at the Royal Palace of Madrid, 1983

The Spanish Royal Family hosted a spectacular State Banquet for the Nepalese Royal Family at the Royal Palace of Madrid on this day in 1983, on the first evening of their State Visit to Spain, which came three years before the Spanish State Visit to Nepal in 1986.

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia (wearing the Mellerio Shell Tiara) with King Birendra of Nepal and Queen Aishwarya (wearing Queen Ratna’s Emerald Tiara)

Queen Mother Ratna of Nepal (wearing the Diamond Tiara) joined King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya.

Infanta Elena (in the Spanish Floral Tiara ) and Infanta Cristina (wearing the Prussian Diamond Tiara) were also present alongside their parents, just weeks after their coming out Gala at the Zarzuela Palace.


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