Året med Kungafamiljen 2022

Året med Kungafamiljen 2022

After a gap of two years, the Året med Kungafamiljen ‘Year with the Royal Family’ has been released following the Swedish Royal Family though the Finnish and Dutch State Visits to Sweden, the Representationsmiddag, Crown Princess Victoria’s 45th Birthday, the Abba premiere in London, Crown Princess Victoria’s visit to Kenya, the Nobel Prize Ceremony, and intimate family moments captured throughout the year.

After two pandemic years, the royal family travels again. We accompany the royal couple to the Abba premiere in London, and Crown Princess Victoria goes to Kenya. Princess Madeleine brings her son, Prince Nicolas, to the High Coast to inaugurate a playground. And Nicola’s cousins, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, get to drive a backhoe.

Click on the link above to watch the documentary, which is in Swedish but if you are watching on google chrome, the subtitles should automatically translate to english.

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