Crown Princess Victoria’s 45th Birthday

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Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrated her 45th Birthday (Victoriadagen) with a series of celebrations, starting by greeting well-wishers at Solliden Palace with King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, and Prince Oscar, which was followed by a carriage ride, for the traditional Victoriadagen Concert at the Borgholms Slottsruin, where they were joined by the rest of the Swedish Royal Family. Ebba Årsjö received the 2022 Victoriapriset.


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  1. Oh, my goodness! Little Prince Oscar is Prince Daniel’s Mini-Me!!! He is exactly like his Papa! And Princess Estelle is growing up so fast. Any day now and she’ll be sporting her first tiara! CP Victoria seems to be such a sweet lady. I wish her all the joy in the world on her birthday!

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