Camilla’s Country Life

The Duchess of Cornwall has guest-edited the current issue of Country Life Magazine to mark her 75th Birthday this week, which coincides with the release of the ITV documentary: ‘Camilla’s Country Life’ that will be broadcast tonight at 9pm GMT. The Duchess writes:

‘There are many reasons why I was delighted to be asked to guest edit this week’s Country Life. The most selfish being that celebrating the magazine’s 125th birthday makes me, at 75, feel positively young… I have cherished this opportunity to highlight some of the people, communities and charities whom I have had the privilege to encounter and who do such a great deal for life in our countryside, too often unseen and unsung.’

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Watch the Documentary Live at 9pm GMT.

With access to The Duchess of Cornwall in her role as Guest Editor of Country Life magazine to mark her 75th birthday, this one-off documentary gives a unique insight into our future Queen Consort, as she immerses herself in her personal passions and engages with some of those closest to her. We join The Duchess as she visits Hall Place, previously the Hampshire home of her grandparents, with her sister Annabel. Together they reminisce about their time there as children and Annabel reveals that her beloved teddy bear was once buried in the garden by Camilla, who only owned up to it decades later.

The portraits of the Duchess of Cornwall were taken by her daughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, at Raymill, the Duchess’ private home in Wiltshire:

‘The Duchess of Cambridge took our cover images at the request of our Guest Editor, The Duchess of Cornwall, and we could not be happier with the results — in fact, the set of images she took was so good that we struggled to choose only three, from which The Duchess of Cornwall made her final selection.

The Duchess of Cambridge took her commission very seriously and was incredibly professional about the task at hand. She phoned me to discuss our requirements for the cover and subsequently composed a range of beautifully shot images.

We are thrilled to have our Guest Editor captured so magnificently by royal photographer The Duchess of Cambridge.

We understand this is the first time a formal portrait of The Duchess of Cornwall has been taken by The Duchess of Cambridge for a magazine and we are honoured to have been chosen to be the first to publish this beautiful image. The photographs are superb and we would be delighted to offer The Duchess of Cambridge another commission!’


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