Anglo-Swedish Society Dinner in London, 1961

King Gustaf VI Adolf and Queen Louise of Sweden (in the Baden Fringe Tiara) were joined by their granddaughter, Princess Margaretha (likely wearing the Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara), at the Anglo-Swedish Society Dinner at the Hyde Park Hotel in London on this day in 1961. Queen Louise was the aunt of the Duke of Edinburgh.

From Tatler:

This was a week when the English got together with their Commonwealth connections and foreign friends. Conviviality thrived and happily overflowed. There were Anglo-Swedish, Anglo-Portuguese, Anglo-Portuguese, Anglo-Netherlands and more Anglo-banquets. The quest for a guest of distinction from the country honoured in at a premium at this time of year. The Swedes outshone everybody. Their dinner and dance at the Hyde Park Hotel was attended by King Gustaf & Queen Louise and his attractive and gay grand-daughter, Princes Margaretha, King Gustaf isn’t much given to celebrations. Virtually every year he is in London on his birthday and while Swedish nationals drink his health at an Embassy party he remains at Claridge’s, sitting in one of those big, comfortable armchairs to which he is so addicted, reading the evening newspapers. His presence at the Anglo-Swedish Dinner and Dance was therefore a great unexpected coup for the organizers, Queen Louise wore a splendid tum, in the form of a fringe of diamonds, and Princess Margaretha had a circle of precious stones in her hair of the type that Princess Alexandra so often wears. While her (grand)parents were staying at Claridge’s she moved into the Chelsea home of an old friend, Mrs. Maitland, the former Carina Boyke who was a débutante in Coronation Year. Present at the dinner and dance were many staunch friends of Sweden such as Sir Harold & Lady Zia Wernher, Sir Victor Mallet, a former Ambassador, & Lady Mallet, and Lord & Lady Sempill. Also there were Mr. Gunnar Häggölf, the Equent Amnias- vador and doyen of the Corps, Mr. & Mri. A. C. Pentherstone, Mr. & Mrs. E. N. Chippendale, Mr. & Mrs, P. Moorehouse, and the Earl & Countess of Dundee. A couple of days after the Dinner- with friends visited, and Christmas shopping complete for another year King Gustav & Queen Louise returned to Stockholm on the ordinary afternoon B.E.A. Service.



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