Britannia: A Palace at Sea

In addition to their extensive Official Travel around the world, for many years, every Summer, the Royal Family went on an annual Holiday Cruise around the Western Isles of Scotland aboard the Royal Yacht ‘Britannia’, which was the Royal Family’s home away from home as they traveled around the world from 1954 to 1997, when it was retired. ‘Britannia: A Palace at Sea’ explores life aboard the Royal Yacht during a State Visit to South Africa in 1995 and traces the ship’s history through archival film, offering behind-the-scenes footage and recollections of several crew members, members of the Royal Household and the Duke of Edinburgh.


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  1. I read somewhere that it was cheaper to keep the boat if you take into consideration the expense of running the Britannia with its crew and hosting capabilities, versus the expense of traveling via regular means and hosting foreign dignitaries abroad with its attendant security issues. It was a much smoother operation, safer, and cheaper. The boat needed a bit of refurbishment, but then it would have been of service for another fifty years, definitely a good investment. I love the Britannia! It appeals to a sense of adventure and freedom which is so rare these days. Maybe I’ll get lucky and visit it one day up in Scotland.

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