Order of Civil Merit Ceremony at the Royal Palace of Madrid

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King Felipe VI (in the Order of the Golden Fleece) and Queen Letizia of Spain were joined by the Princess of Asturias (wearing the Order of the Golden Fleece) and Infanta Sofia as they presented the decorations of the Order of Civil Merit to 21 citizens, in recognition of their personal commitment and social contribution, to mark the 7th Anniversary of the King’s Accession in the Hall of Columns of the Royal Palace of Madrid on June 18th. The citizens who received the Order are:

  • Don David Lafuente Rico (1982), farmer from La Rioja.
  • Doña Noelia Aparicio Martínez (1972), rancher from La Milla del Río (Castilla y León).
  • Don Manuel Vinatea Fernández (1961), Sailor from Santoña (Cantabria).
  • Doña Cristina Crespo Miñana (1973), materials researcher from Zaragoza (Aragon).
  • Doña María del Mar Delgado Serrano (1967), researcher from Córdoba (Andalusia).
  • Don Esteban Orenes Piñero (1978), biosanitary researcher from Murcia.
  • Doña Cristina García Sánchez (1978), early childhood education teacher from Ceuta.
  • Doña Natividad Baldominos Baldominos (1967), solidarity singer from Guadalajara (Castilla-La Mancha).
  • Doña Carmen Martínez Valladares (1951), volunteer on the phone. of the hope of Silleda, Pontevedra (Galicia).
  • Doña Margalida Jordà Murnar (1947), director of the educational project Naüm de Sineu, Mallorca (Illes Balears).
  • Don Miguel Herrera (1987), solidarity cook from Algodonales, Cádiz (Andalusia).
  • Doña Silvia Cano Moreno (1970), doctor from Melilla.
  • Don Fernando Gómez Gil (1980), nurse from Pamplona (Navarra).
  • Doña Alice Mihaela Cozma (1988), ambulance driver from Extremadura.
  • Doña Nuria Cascales Picó (1990), pharmacist from Torremanzanas, Alicante (Valencian Community).
  • Don Antonio Roldán Bonilla (1947), Mercamadrid worker in the Community of Madrid.
  • Doña Cristina Díaz López (1976) and Don Sergio Mediavilla Cuesta (1974), owners of a grocery store in the Community of Madrid.
  • Mrs. Virginia Marquinez Insagurbe (1984), director of the Vitoria-Gasteiz post office (Basque Country).
  • Don Albert Esteve Robles (1986), transporter from Lleida (Catalonia).
  • Doña Yukonda Esparragoza Jiménez (1971), manager of a laundry in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands).
  • Don Luis Alberto Ramos Fernández (1960), waste treatment worker in Oviedo (Principality of Asturias).
  • Doña Marta Muñoz Escrivá (1991), hospitality assistant in Valencia (Valencian Community).
  • Doña Elena García Solís (1979), supermarket cashier in Badalona (Catalonia).


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