Swedish National Day 2021

The Swedish Royal Family was out in full force to celebrate Swedish National Day on June 6th, a much different celebration than usual due to the ongoing pandemic. Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and their family shared a video and pictures of them hoisting the Swedish Flag at Haga Palace. Prince Carl-Phillip and Princess Sofia shared a photo from Villa Solbacken while Princess Madeleine shared a picture with her children at home in Florida.


In the morning, the King and Queen were joined by Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Christina as they opened the “Daisy. Crown Princess Margaret 1882–1920” Exhibition at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, celebrating the King’s grandmother, Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden.

 King Carl XVI Gustaf gave a speech from Logården below the Royal Palace, which was broadcast on Swedish Television:

Dear National Day celebrants,

Welcome to the Royal Palace in Stockholm!

This year, too, Sweden’s national day is different.

Instead of traditionally being at Skansen with many people gathered, the Queen and I are here at the castle. And when the army’s music corps plays “The Swedish army’s big tapto” a little later tonight – yes, then we are only a few people here at Logården. But hopefully you are all the more who are with us via TV broadcast!

When I stand here, it feels natural to think back to last year’s national day. It was a light rainy early summer evening here in Stockholm.

At that time, no one knew how long the pandemic would retain its grip on Sweden.

How many more would be affected in different ways.
How hard healthcare would be tried.
And how long we would all have to hold on and persevere.

An entire year has passed since that evening. A year that has looked different for different people in our country.

I am thinking in particular of those who have lost relatives in the pandemic.
On everyone who has worked hard under demanding conditions.
And to all those who have become ill or unemployed and who are now struggling to come back.

Sweden is still not fully through this ordeal. We all have a great responsibility to continue to act wisely.

But after all, we are now at what will hopefully be the end of a difficult time for our country.

Around Sweden, thousands are now vaccinated every day, in health centers, in exhibition halls and in churches.
In many places, the spread of infection decreases. More of those who become ill survive. Fewer people need intensive care.

We have reached a point where we can begin to look ahead, towards a new era, towards a Sweden after the pandemic.

Today, on National Day, we have once again hoisted our blue-yellow flag. The main symbol of our country.

It can have different meanings for each of us. For me personally, the flag stands for tradition and community – but also for optimism and faith in the future.

Now we are many who look forward to the bright Swedish summer and to soon being able to meet as usual again. We long to be together – in workplaces and in association life, in the streets and squares and in various places of worship.

And when it does, when we leave our bubbles isolated, I hope we do

with gratitude for the sacrifices made

with renewed forces

and with a firm belief in Sweden’s future!



In the evening, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attended the National Day celebration at Skansen in Stockholm, where the Crown Princess handed out this year’s flags. Later, King and Queen joined the Crown Princess Couple, the Speaker of the Riksdag and the Prime Minister for the Tapto in the Logården at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.


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