Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip: Love, Marriage and Country

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip: Love, Marriage and Country

Queen Elizabeth II has been the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth since 1952. Much like the nation she resides over, she has seen unimaginable growth and change in her time. Throughout it all she has had the love and support of one man – Prince Philip, always by her side, until now that is. Together they have captained the most famous family in the world through hardship and reinvention. Their enduring love and unbreakable bond has been a staple of modern history, as the longest reigning Monarch & her late Consort who had the longest Royal Marriage in History. Join Royal Commentators and Experts as they look back on their incredible lives together.

Click on the link above to watch the Documentary

95 Facts about the Queen | 99 Facts about the Duke of Edinburgh


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