5 years of The Royal Watcher

Today marks the 5th Anniversary of The Royal Watcher! It has been such a wonderful experience and I would like to thank you so much for your continued support!

Over the past five years, The Royal Watcher has exceeded all of my expectations, and I’ve had countless experiences that we could not have even imagined, which include so many interviews and interactions with a bunch of royals (as well as so many of you). I have enjoyed every step of the process, and hope to continue and expand The Royal Watcher for as long as possible.

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We have written thousands of articles over the past five years, which you can look at through the links above, and also check out some highlights HERE. Please continue to like and share our posts and articles, and be sure to get in touch about what other features you would like to see on The Royal Watcher coming up!

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Sovereigns from around the World at the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1997

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