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Today marks the Centenary of the Birth of Lady Brigid Guinness, later Princess Frederick of Prussia, who was born on this day in 1920. To mark the Anniversary, we are featuring her exquisite Tiara, which is still worn by her descendents, and which we have termed the Von Preussen Tiara.

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The fifth child and youngest daughter of the 2nd Earl of Iveagh and Lady Gwendolen Onslow, Lady Brigid Guinness belonged to the illustrious and very wealthy Guinness family noted for their accomplishments in brewing, banking, politics and diplomacy. During the Second World War, Lady Brigid served as an auxiliary nurse, where she met  Prince Frederick of Prussia, a grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II then interned for the duration of the War, when he was injured in an accident involving a tractor. She married Prince Frederick on this day in 1945 (her 25th Birthday), and the couple had five children, including Princess Antonia, Duchess of Wellington, who were raised in Britain and at Reinhartshausen Castle in Germany, where the Prince was found dead in 1966. The Princess remarried to Major Anthony Patrick Ness, who passed away in 1993. Lady Brigid died in 1995.

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Consisting of a delicate diamond floral design, the Von Preussen Tiara is probably a Guinness heirloom or acquisition, and was mostly likely given as a wedding gift to Lady Brigid, who was pictured wearing it in a portrait soon after her marriage. The Tiara was also worn to Queen Juliana’s Silver Anniversary Gala in 1962, and was probably worn by her daughters, with the exception of Princess Antonia who wore the Wellington Tiara, at their weddings.

The Tiara was worn by the Hon. Victoria Lucinda Mancroft when she married Prince Frederick Nicholas, Lady Brigid’s eldest son, in 1980, and after Lady Brigid’s death, it appears to have been inherited jointly by her children, as it was worn Princess Florence von Preussen, daughter of Prince Frederick Nicholas, for her Wedding to the Hon. James Tollemache in 2014, and by her cousin, Princess Tatiana von Preussen, for her Wedding to Philip Womack the following month.

Two years later, the Von Preussen Tiara was worn by another granddaughter, Lady Charlotte Santo Domingo, at the Colombian State Banquet at Buckingham Palace. There are still quite a few unmarried Princesses in the family and given how open they are to sharing, there is no doubt we will continue to see this beautiful heirloom for years to come. The Engagement of Prince Frederick von Preussen, a grandson of Lady Brigid, was also announced this week, and it’s quite likely we will see the Tiara at the Wedding.

UPDATE: Mathilda (Tilly) Noel Johnson wore the Von Preussen Tiara for her Wedding to Prince Frederick Nicholas Stormont (Fritzi) von Preussen in May 2021. The Tiara was worn by Princess Beatrice von Preussen, the daughter of Prince Frederick Nicholas, for her Wedding to Edmund Jenner in February 2022.


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  1. It’s so nice that Lady Brigid’s tiara can be used and enjoyed by her descendants. He family is very rich, so no doubt they didn’t have to dispose of it to pay for death duties or anything. I’m looking forward to her grandson’s wedding where we may get the pleasure of seeing it use again.

    1. Yes, that’s really exciting that we can expect to see it again! had written the article last month, but had to make this addition!

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