5 Royal Traditions that You Can Add in Your Wedding

When we need inspiration for anything from beauty and fashion to etiquette, we look at the iconic royal family of England. So, isn’t it right to turn to them when we need some fancy wedding ideas? Well, that truly makes sense because royal weddings are undoubtedly the fanciest and special celebrations around the world. They are certainly a big deal as far as monarchy goes. Moreover, the royal nuptials have a sense of opulence in them that’s much ahead of the reach of an average couple. Hence, it is easily understandable by people who are so fascinated by royal weddings. Isn’t it a fact that every bride-to-be wishes to look and feel like Meghan Markle or Duchess Kate on their big day.  

Us common brides won’t ever be able to get married with a tiara on our head, which is beautifully crafted from the crown jewels taken from the Queen’s exquisite collection. Unfortunately, we cannot even exchange vows with the love of our life in Westminster Abbey, but there are a few ways that you can incorporate royal nuptials in your wedding. These British weddings are certainly a good place for you to start. Let’s find out some things that you can incorporate from the royal wedding into your wedding.

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Seek permission

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In royal weddings, the royals up to the 6th in-line have to seek permission from the reigning queen and king when they have to get married. Prince Harry, who is 5th in line, had to do the same when he had to marry the beautiful Meghan Markle. Yes, indeed, we all aren’t at the mercy of the Queen to marry the love of our life. Some couples do practice this tradition, in, of course, their own unique way. Erica, a professional homework expert, offering do my homework service by TAE, says that before she got married to Brian, the love of her life, hers, and Brian’s family sat down together in a lunch-setting where the two shared their intentions to marry. This is certainly one way to do it. However, there are also a few traditions where the groom goes up to the wife’s father and asks for permission before he proposes his girlfriend. Irrespective of the kind of method you opt for, you can incorporate this tradition into your wedding.    

Pick a family Stationer 

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The royal wedding invitations are made by Barnard & Westwood, which is a London-based company. This tradition has been going on since 1985, and quite recently, the company printed the wedding invitation for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding nuptials. You can follow the steps of the monarchy and have your paper suite designed by a stationer who created the invitation for your sister’s wedding or parent’s wedding or cousin’s wedding. You can encourage future couples in your family to do the same. Sam, employed with a reputed assignment help company, TFTH, says that he and his family have been unknowingly following this tradition because they have been reaching out to their same stationer since their parent’s wedding. 

Give your children a bigger role in the wedding

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In British weddings, young bridal parties are a part of the tradition. You might certainly remember Princess Charlotte and Prince George’s adorable debut at the 2017 nuptials of Pippa Middleton’s wedding. They served as bridesmaid and pageboy, respectively. You can make this a tradition in your wedding. For this, you can add ring bearers and flower girls in the wedding party. If you do not have enough youngsters in the family, you can give a bigger role to the children. Tammana, an educationist, who works with EssayWriter4U, says that in her wedding the flower girl and ring bearer, both kids had the role of handing the rings to the officiant.    

Carry with you a meaningful bouquet

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Queen Victoria was married in 1840, and every royal bride since then has carried with her a myrtle in their bouquet. The same tradition was followed by Duchess Kate Middleton and Princess Diana. What’s important to know is that this bloom isn’t sourced from just anywhere. It comes from the garden of Queen Victoria, which is about 170-year old and is well-preserved even today. Anushka, an online resource manager for TrumpLearning, says that following the royal traditions, even she carried a flower in her clutch. 

Opt for a sparkly headpiece

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How can a royal wedding ever be completed without the inclusion of a crown? All through British history, the bride was supposed to wear a headpiece, which is made out of her own family’s collection. So, she could only borrow it from the husband’s family after the marriage. However, Duchess Kate didn’t follow this tradition. She wore a Cartier headpiece, which was studded with 1000 diamonds. This was taken on loan from the Queen. However, Princess Diana followed this tradition and wore a Spencer tiara, which had been in her family for some centuries. You, too, can add this tradition to your wedding. You can use a sparkly or glittery headpiece, headband, or a tiara. 


A Guest Post

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