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As promised a few weeks ago, we are launching the very first episode of The Royal Watcher Podcast Today! Join me, Saad Salman, the Founder and Editor of The Royal Watcher, a Royal Commentator, and a Royal Contributor for, in the new Royal Watcher Podcast where we discuss our shared love of Royalty, including current, past and future royal events, royal jewels, fashion and all other royal related topics! In our first episode, we will discuss the Royal Response to the Coronavirus, the Sussex departure from the Royal Family and the other Royal News of 2020! Click on the links above to listen to the Podcast.

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If you’d like to be a guest or would like me to discuss a particular royal topic, please message me on social media or send me an email!  Please use the #RoyalWatcherPodcast on social media and tell me what you want me to talk about in future episodes! Also share where and how you are listening to this episode and what you thought about the first episode!


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  1. Just saw you on CTV news. Although I find you very informed, I found it difficult to understand everything you were saying. May I just give you a bit of friendly advice and try and enunciate a bit better. It may have just been nerves but being a bit clearer with your speech would help get your information across better.

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