Wedding of Archduchess Sophie of Austria and the Prince of Windisch-Graetz, 1990

The Wedding of Archduchess Sophie of Austria, daughter of Archduke Ferdinand Karl of Austria and Countess Helene zu Törring-Jettenbach, (wearing a Valentino gown and the Vladimir Fringe Tiara) and Mariano Hugo, the Prince of Windisch-Graetz on this day in 1990, with Royal Guests and Relatives including Infanta Elena of Spain. The couple had three children, and reside in Rome and at the Il Palazzo in Sant’Angelo d’Alife, when the Prince isn’t abroad as an Ambassador of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Archduchess is a prominent handbag designer.

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#accadeoggi: 1990, Le nozze tra Sophie d'Asburgo ed il Principe Mariano Hugo di Windisch-Graetz (Capo della Casata di Windisch-Graetz). La sposa è figlia dell'Arciduca Ferdinand Karl Max d'Austria e della Contessa Helene di Törring-Jettenbach. Suo padre era un cugino di Otto di Asburgo-Lorena, l'ultimo Principe Ereditario d’Austria-Ungheria, e sua madre era figlia della Principessa Elisabetta di Grecia sorella della Principessa Marina Duchessa di Kent. Sophie indossava un meraviglioso abito creato per lei da @realmrvalentino ed in testa portava la magnifica e storica fringe appartenuta alla bisnonna, la Granduchessa Elena Vladimirovna di Russia 🇦🇹👑 #onthisday: 1990, The wedding of Sophie of Habsburg and Prince Mariano Hugo of Windisch-Graetz (Head of the House of Windisch-Graetz). She is daughter of Archduke Ferdinand Karl Max of Austria and Countess Helene of Törring-Jettenbach. Her father was a first cousin of Otto of Habsburg-Lorraine, the last Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary, and her mother was a daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Greece, sister of Princess Marina Duchess of Kent. The bride wore a wonderful wedding dress by @realmrvalentino and she wore a beautiful and historic fringe tiara of her great Grandmother Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia 🇦🇹👑 (swipe left ⬅️ to discover more photos👑) @sophiehabsburgdesign #royalwedding#royalbride#houseofhabsburg#royalweddingdress#windischgraetz#royal#royals#royalty#instaroyals#dnaroyals#royalstyle#royalfashion#valentinogaravani#maisonvalentino#royaltiara#weddingtiaras#habsbourg#sophiehabsburg#weddingtiara#weddingdress#austrianimperialfamily#austrianroyalty#österreich#habsbourglorraine#dnaroylas11febbraio

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