Princess Beatrix’s Diamond Flowers

Happy Birthday to Princess Beatrix of The Netherlands, who turns 82 today! To mark the birthday of the former Queen Regnant, we are taking a look at her versatile Diamond Flowers, an exciting discovery when we were searching through pictures for today’s article.

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The five Diamond Flowers are in the shapes of roses signifying the House of Lippe, and were a wedding gift from Princess Armgard of Lippe-Biesterfeld (thanks to Jos) it was revealed that the brooches in the shape of wild roses or eglantines were purchased by King William III from Mellerio in 1888, and were worn by Crown Princess Juliana of The Netherlands in 1937, as a tiara on her wedding day.

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The versatile Diamond Flowers were given as an 18th Birthday gift to their eldest daughter, Crown Princess Beatrix, who wore them as a necklace and later as brooches and earrings, most notably when announcing her engagement.

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The versatile Diamond Flowers continued to be worn after her accession as Queen in 1980, most notably for the weddings of her nephews, a sentimental link to their grandparents.

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Princess Beatrix has continued to wear her Diamond Flowers, in various forms, after her abdication, most recently last week, and there is no doubt it will continue to be worn for years to come.


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