Prince Charles: Inside The Duchy of Cornwall

The new two-part ITV documentary, ‘Prince Charles: Inside The Duchy of Cornwall’, follows staff and tenants of the Duchy of Cornwall during the Prince of Wales’s 50th working year as the Duke of Cornwall, which has been run under the stewardship since 1969, soon after his Investiture as the Prince of Wales. The programme also features interviews from the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke of Cambridge. The first episode was be broadcast on October 24th, while the second will come out on the 31st (be sure to return for that). 

Part 2-

Note- Documentaries like these are usually only available for a few days before bing deleted, and while we do tend to continually update with new videos, it is better to watch the programme as soon as possible.


Duchy of Cornwall

2 thoughts on “Prince Charles: Inside The Duchy of Cornwall

  1. Thanks so much for posting Inside the Duchy, it hasn’t been screened as of yet in Australia and probably won’t be, so it’s wonderful to be able to watch it, many thanks!

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