Funeral of Queen Maud of Norway, 1938

Funeral of Queen Maud of Norway at Oslo Cathedral on this day in 1938, followed by a procession to the Akershus Fortress. British-born Queen Maud had passed away in London the previous month, and a plethora of Royals, including King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav of Norway (husband and son), King George VI (nephew) and Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary (sister-in-law), King George II of Greece (cousin), Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden, and Prince Paul Regent of Yugoslavia, attended a private service at the Chapel of Marlborough House on the 23rd of November, before Queen Maud’s body was transported to Norway. Royal Guests in Oslo included King Christian X and Queen Alexandrine of Denmark (cousin and brother- and sister-in-law), Prince George Duke of Kent (nephew), and Prince Carl and Princess Ingeborg of Sweden (cousins and the parents of her daughter-in-law, Crown Princess Martha). After the Funeral in Oslo, Queen’s Maud’s coffin was put in Margareta Hall, and during the Nazi Occupation in World War II, it was secretly kept in the Old Aker Church, before being laid in the crypt of the Akershus Fortress in 1948.


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  1. Queen Maud’s nickname as a young girl was Harry! She was known to love sports and she continued to do so even as queen. She promoted winter sports in Norway, skating and skiing with her husband and son. She was a great example for women to embrace sports in their lives as adults, which was quite remarkable in those days. Her death was quite a shock to everyone.

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