Danish-UK Association Gala Dinner

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (wearing her Gold, Ruby, and Pearl Parure) and the Danish-born Duchess of Gloucester attend a Gala Dinner to celebrate the formation of the Danish-UK Association at the Dorchester Hotel in London on the evening of December 6th. Members of the British and Danish Royal Families attended a similar Dinner on this day in 1948 and in 1974.


4 thoughts on “Danish-UK Association Gala Dinner

  1. Queen Margrethe looked wonderful in her mauve lace dress. I really like her gold, ruby and pearl necklace and earrings, but I was hoping that she would wear something sparkling in her hair too. Not necessarily a tiara, but she has worn hair ornaments in the past. Maybe an element from her Floral Aigrette tiara? I read in your article that the Duchess of Gloucester was present but I couldn’t see any pictures. Were any available? The Duchess of Gloucester has some excellent jewels, as excellent as many a any royal family!

    1. I agree! I loved Queen Margrethe’s look! And there is a picture of the Duchess in the Instagram post, which I have included in the updated header photo!

      1. Awesome! She looked wonderful! I find the Duchess such an elegant lady. Quite appropriately, she’s proudly wearing the tartan of her name, Gloucester. I’m sure that she was delighted to greet Queen Margrethe in her native Danish.

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